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How we built our Recess Room


The Recess Room is a gathering place at our school that serves as an extension of the playground. This is where students go before, during, and after recess time to play games and have conversations with friends. It’s also where we do all sorts of other things—like hosting birthday parties, having class meetings, and celebrating donors who’ve made a big difference in our school community.

The idea

The idea for the recess room came from a desire to give our kids more opportunities to play, especially during lunchtime. We thought it would be beneficial for our students if they had access to a space that was free of distractions and could be used as an extension of their classroom.

We also wanted this room to be different from a traditional playroom, which might include things like video games or television sets. Instead, we decided on giving students something that would encourage them to be creative and use their minds in new ways (like building blocks or Legos).

Having a “recess” room provides unique benefits for both teachers and students: for teachers because it allows us to meet with students one-on-one; for students because it gives them an opportunity away from their desk where they can relax after lunch or recess when needed!

Paving the foundation

If you’re not familiar with recess rooms, it’s a type of quiet space within an open office environment. It’s a place where people can go to get away from noise, take a break from their desks and enjoy some solitude during their workday. We decided to build one in our office because we’ve found that many teams benefit from having a designated space where they can unplug and unwind after lunch or at the end of the day. In fact, when we asked our coworkers what they would like most in an office expansion, many said something along the lines of: “more space for my team.”

The function of our recess room is pretty simple—it’s there so you can get away from your desk when you need a moment alone or just want to relax while being near others who are doing the same thing (and not on their phones). The benefits include being able to take short breaks throughout your day without having an overwhelming amount of time off before returning home; productivity increases due to fewer distractions; improved focus; reduced stress levels; healthier relationships between coworkers due to increased communication opportunities

Exploring the possibilities

To be clear, our recess room isn’t a “classroom.” It’s not a place where we sit and learn or practice skills. But it is a place that allows students to go and play, relax, learn and enjoy.

The idea behind the recess room is simple: If there were no rules or expectations in this space—no grade levels or lessons to teach—what would happen? What would kids choose to do?

This exploration led us to create a space where we could build projects out of recycled materials; make toys from scratch using only cardboard; create art using paints and crayons; gather around tables for art projects; enjoy snacks outdoors when the weather was nice; sit on cushions around low tables for tea parties; build fortresses out of couches during indoor rainy days (or snow days); read books from home (or borrow some from our shelf); build with Legos or Magna Tiles…

Construction begins

Construction began in May and was completed by the end of July. Our construction team consisted of students, parents and grandparents from our school community. We wanted to ensure that every student had a chance to participate in this project because it was something that we were all going to use together for many years to come.

The volunteers worked diligently over the summer break; setting up scaffolding, building walls and installing floors (thanks again to B&D Floors!). They also did much more than just build our new room—they painted it! The color scheme is inspired by traditional playgrounds: bright blue with green trimming along with pops of yellow throughout. It’s bright, fun and inviting!

Recess Room grand opening

The grand opening of the Recess Room was a success. People from all over the world came to visit and participate in our many activities. We had a great time exploring the lab, meeting new friends, and learning about each other’s cultures.

It is a gathering place for everyone to enjoy.

Our goal is to create a space that encourages everyone in our community to feel comfortable and accepted, no matter who they are or how they identify. We want the Recess Room to be a place where children can come together and enjoy each other’s company, share in the joy of play and learning, find ways to connect with others and learn about themselves.

We want this room to be a place where everyone feels welcome: families with young children; older kids whose schedules don’t allow them enough time at recess; students who are interested in making new friends but aren’t ready for gym class yet; those who would rather spend their breaks working independently rather than listening to music through headphones.


The Recess Room is a place where we can all come together. Everyone has something to offer to this community, and it is important that we respect that by welcoming everyone into our space.


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