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Recommended types toys for a playroom


If your child has a playroom, you can use it as an opportunity to introduce them to different kinds of toys. While many adults like the idea of having their own playrooms, children see things differently. For adults, having their own space is a luxury; for children, it’s an opportunity for freedom and self-expression. That’s why I recommend making sure that all the toys in your child’s playroom cater specifically to their interests!

recess toys

Recess toys are the ones you’ll want to play with when you’re outside. They can be used on the playground, in parks and on the street. Recess toys allow kids to get creative and use their imagination as they play with their friends. The best recess toys are the ones that encourage kids to get moving, think critically and work together.

Recess toys can also be a great way for your child to spend time outdoors while interacting with other children in their neighborhood or school!

sensory toys

Sensory toys are a great way to engage children in play, and they can also be used by people of all ages. These toys can help with sensory processing disorder and autism, as well as anxiety. Toys like this are especially helpful for children who may have trouble focusing or need an extra boost in the learning process.

rolling ball toys

How to make a rolling ball toy in five simple steps:

  • Take a process, and imagine how it would work if you were to change one thing.
  • Change that one thing, observe the results, and repeat until something interesting happens!
  • Now you’re ready to make your own rolling ball toy! The best part is that you can use anything from plastic cups to water bottles as basic materials for this project. Just grab some household items from around your house (cups/bottles, paper clips, etc.), stick them together with tape or glue—and voila! You have yourself an exciting new toy for kids of all ages!

music toys

Musical toys are great for a playroom because they’re fun to use and can be educational, too.

There are a few different types of musical toys. One type is the kind that makes noise when you bang on it (this might be our favorite). Another is the kind that makes music when you wind up the toy or press its buttons. The last and most common type is one where you touch something or turn something and music starts playing from inside the toy. Here’s an example of each type:

  • A drum set: banging on drums makes noise, but if you’ve got rhythm then you can also play songs!
  • An electronic keyboard: pressing keys or turning knobs plays sounds in different octaves, which allows kids to make their own unique tunes! This toy has been around forever, so we suggest getting an old model at Goodwill instead of buying a new one online; just make sure there isn’t any water damage before buying anything used (you don’t want mold growing inside).
  • A harmonica: blowing into this instrument produces sounds similar to those made by other wind instruments such as flutes or clarinets – but without all those extra notes hanging around! It’s also easy enough for kids who aren’t familiar with music theory yet since they can just guess what note they’re playing based off how it sounds coming out through their lips instead of having sheet music tell them exactly how many semitones away from where theirs are supposed to be.”

art supplies

Art supplies are an obvious choice for a playroom. Art supplies are fun, and they’re good for kids (and adults) of all ages. They’re also great for building creativity—so much so that many schools have art classes as part of their curriculum!

When you’re stocking up on art supplies, consider these five types:

  • Markers
  • Colored pencils (including colored chalk)
  • Paintbrushes (for painting with both watercolors and oil paints)
  • Crayons or colored pencils

building toys

Building toys are a great option for kids of all ages. Building toys can help young children learn about shapes, colors, and sizes. Building toys can also teach your child how to follow instructions and use their imagination while they build a structure.


Blocks are a great toy for kids of all ages. They help teach about geometry, which is an important skill to learn as a child grows up. You can also use blocks to play with trains or other vehicles, or just as a fun way of playing together with your children or other family members (or friends!). Blocks are useful in many ways! You can build towers and bridges out of them, but they can also be used as props if you’re doing something more creative like making an elaborate landscape out of LEGO bricks.


If you’re looking for a toy that will entertain your children for hours, dinosaurs are the way to go. They’re popular with kids, and will allow them to use their imagination as they create their own stories about these prehistoric creatures. There are all kinds of different dinosaur toys out there—some made from natural materials and others made from plastic. If you’d like something more realistic-looking, choose a stuffed animal or even a model dino with moving parts like eyes or mouths!


Puppets are a great tool for practicing social skills, whether you’re using them as puppets or teaching kids how to use puppets. They can be used to help teach children empathy and compassion by having them act out scenarios with the puppet and asking them how they’d feel if those things happened to them. Puppets are also useful for helping children practice their listening skills, because the child has to listen carefully in order to understand what the puppet is saying on stage or screen.

toys are fun

Toys are fun. They help kids improve their imagination, creativity and physical development. They help them learn social skills and cognitive development too!

The list below is a starting point for choosing toys that your child will enjoy playing with in the playroom.

  • Dolls – These are great for imaginary play while also encouraging nurturing skills. You can also buy doll clothes, which will help develop your kid’s fine motor skills as they dress them up/undress them.
  • Blocks – These allow children to build towers or create designs on their own without any adult assistance required; they’re also great for practicing their fine motor skills when using the blocks themselves! (If these aren’t available at home then other options include Legos or Lincoln Logs.)
  • Pretend Play Kitchen Appliances – If you have a little girl who loves playing with dolls then she might be interested in cooking too! Having her own pretend kitchen appliances allows her to do just that without needing any real food preparation involved (although this does mean you should be careful about what goes where).


We’ve covered the most important toys for a playroom in this article. While this list isn’t exhaustive, we hope it will serve as a helpful guide for parents and teachers looking for the best toys for their kids.


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