The recessROOM Play Club is a membership program that gives members and up to three guests access to free play time, discounted birthday parties, and special events. If you’re thinking of signing up, here are some reasons why we think it’s worth your while:

Code of Conduct

A code of conduct for families visiting the recessROOM includes the following guidelines:
  1. Respect the staff and other guests in the recessROOM. This includes using polite language and following any instructions or rules given by the staff.
  2. Keep the recessROOM clean and tidy. This includes disposing trash in designated trash cans and not bringing outside food or drinks.
  3. Supervise children at all times. Parents or guardians should ensure that their children behave safely and responsibly in the recessROOM.
  4. Follow the rules of each attraction or activity. This includes any height, weight, or age restrictions, as well as any instructions given by staff.
  5. Use equipment and facilities responsibly. Do not damage or misuse any equipment or facilities, and follow any instructions provided for their use.
  6. Respect the privacy and personal space of others. Do not take photos or videos of other guests without their permission.
  7. Keep noise levels to a reasonable level. Be mindful of the volume of your voice and any music or devices you may be using.
  8. Be considerate of others’ enjoyment of the recessROOM. Do not engage in any behavior that may disturb or disrupt the experience of others.
  9. By following these guidelines, families can help to create a pleasant and enjoyable environment for all guests in the recessROOM.

Review of all benefits

Free Hour(s) Offer

Free playtime is a time when you can play with friends and family. You can use the recessROOM Play Club app to find out when free playtime is. There’s no schedule so it will be different every day. When you’re playing in this mode, you have access to all of our games and can invite up to four friends or family members. It’s a great way to spend time together!

Discounts on Birthday Parties

Interested in throwing a birthday party for all of your friends in the recessROOM? Our staff can help you plan the perfect birthday party. We’ll make sure everyone has a good time and enjoys themselves, so you don’t have to worry about a thing! Play Club Members say 10% on Birthday Parties.
recessroom club

Access to special events

Reduced admission for All-day play days

All-play days are when the recessROOM is open to all kids, so parents can bring their kids and have them play as much as they want. This allows children to play with other kids that they don’t normally play with or maybe even get to use some toys and games that they don’t normally get to use.

Earlier hours

The recessROOM Play Club is open earlier than other places, so you can get your playtime in before the school day begins and you’re forced to go to class. And if your parents aren’t home when you get home from school, come play at recessROOM with us! We’ll keep the lights on until 10pm for those late-night sessions of Minecraft or Fortnite.
Our members love us because we offer unlimited play every day (and night!) of the week—even during holidays like Halloween and New Year’s Eve—for just $5 per child per month! That’s a crazy low price compared to what most other clubs charge for limited hours of open play each week. And don’t forget: if you sign up by May 31st, 2019, there will be no initiation fee at all!


We know recess can be a challenge for parents and caregivers, but we also know you’re more than capable of finding solutions. We want to help you give your child a chance to play without being tethered to screens or hovering over them the whole time, so we’ve created this club and all its benefits. We hope they make your life easier as well as keep your kids happy and engaged during their free time at school!